The idea of PoS was supported even by Soros Fund

  • 15:16 Jun 01, 2022
The idea of PoS was supported even by Soros Fund

According to the words of Soros Fund manager Don Fitzpatrick he has optimistic expectations about the crypto market despite the correction that has been going for some months. The Head of Soros Fund Management said the digital silver – Ethereum – will have much more support in comparison with Bitcoin.

Fitzpatrick explained that today society pays a lot of attention to environmental problems like carbon footprint and other kinds of pollution. And Bitcoin despite its leader positions has very big disadvantages like carbon dioxide which spoils the Earth's atmosphere during mining. And it is one of the main reasons why digital gold can’t reward the total support. Finansist pointed out that the PoS protocol will decline electricity consumption.

The Soros Fund manager said that this virtual asset will become the mainstream and the blockchain will be implemented in social life.

Earlier the Soros Fund bought bitcoin and explained this investment that cryptocurrency is a good way to hedge the inflation.

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