Why are miners at Citylink significantly more expensive?

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  • 22:43 Nov 02, 2022
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Why are miners at Citylink significantly more expensive?

Recently popular models of asic miners appeared on sale at Citylink. In particular, we were talking about the S19 series. However, it was soon discovered that the cost of the devices was almost 100% higher than in other stores that specialize in miners.

According to Ivan Sharov, head of the Hardvar store, it is impossible to say that the prices are higher because of the official work.

The excess is also recorded in comparison with those facilities that pay all taxes. There is an assumption that the network has purchased the majors at a higher exchange rate and hopes for brand loyalty. There is also a possibility that Citylink is biding its time and seeking to get the rate of profit, which previously planned.

Antminer S19J costs no less than 147000 rubles in the domestic market. But even this cost is almost four times lower than the price on the retailer's network. Nevertheless, if the bearish trend reverses, then, in a growing market, even this cost will be justified.

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