Home mining led to fire and death

  • Elena Klimovich
  • 19:00 Feb 14, 2023
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Home mining led to fire and death

In the Irkutsk region there was a fire that resulted in the death of a man. It is reported that the cause of the fire was the illegal connection of the mining installations.

In the village of Vvedenshchina, Irkutsk region, a bathhouse caught fire, next to which, on the veranda, there were devices for mining. According to the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, a man could not find his way out of the burning structure and died. When rescuers arrived at the scene of the tragedy, not only the bathhouse, but the car standing nearby had already been engulfed in flames. MES officials also said that some of the devices for mining had been connected just the day before.

It took about half an hour to eliminate the fire. According to Emergencies Ministry officials, the cause in the form of a fire of the mining devices is considered the most likely cause.

Affordable electricity prices attract miners to the Irkutsk region. In addition to centralized mining of digital currencies, home mining is also popular in the region, which results in accidents and network overloads.

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