Mining company Digihost reported its results in October

  • 12:55 Nov 02, 2022
Mining company Digihost reported its results in October

Last month it was possible to mine 78% more BTC than in October 2021. So, last year the mining volume was 41.84 BTC. This year it was 74.58 BTC.

As for October 31, 2022:

  • total BTC: 118.16 ($2.45 million)
  • total ETH: 800.89 ($1.29 million)
  • the value of digital assets: $3.74 million
  • cash and liquid assets: $7.16 million

At the end of September, the latter figure was $7.46. In October, the company sold some of its previously mined bitcoins to be able to pay energy costs.

There is no debt now, and the BTC miner continues to work actively. Digihost CEO Michel Amar noted:

"Despite the current market situation, Digihost maintains liquidity at a high level and provides internal funding for infrastructure development. Even with the market downturn, the fall in the value of BTC, and rising prices for energy resources, the company plans to have a positive balance and will comply with the policy of no debt.

The head of Digihost also noted that in October he continued to buy the company's securities.

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