Clandestine mining farm dismantled in Argentina

  • 23:43 Oct 25, 2022
Clandestine mining farm dismantled in Argentina

Tax officials in this South American country have been fighting undeclared virtual coin mining for years. For example, last week it was reported that they had managed to «uncover» an underground farm with mining facilities. 

The insider speaks of a «mega operation» that was organized by local law enforcement agencies together with tax officials.

A total of about seventy raids were conducted. As a result, law enforcement officers arrested forty people. Large sums of money, expensive mining equipment, cars, other equipment and ... firearms were confiscated.

The Internal Revenue Service (Spanish acronym for AFIP) conducted an impressive operation, which revealed the manipulation of electrical energy theft. A large mining farm was discovered twelve miles from Buenos Aires.

At the end of July this year, a new director came to AFIP. Which triggered a new wave of investigations into illegal mining in Argentina. And the raids related to the search for the attackers were conducted frequently and successfully (alas, not for the virtual coin miners themselves, who were violating the law).

However, mining is not officially banned unless it goes against local laws.

ONG Bitcoin Argentina (a non-profit organization) confirms that virtual coin mining is not a crime in this region of South America.

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