Marathon Digital — Boost Energy Efficiency with S19 XP Miners

  • Sergey Maga
  • 27 July, 2023 03:27
Marathon Digital — Boost Energy Efficiency with S19 XP Miners

Marathon Digital Holdings (NASDAQ: MARA) is on a green mission. The company plans to significantly improve its energy efficiency once all of its previously purchased miners are fully installed.

The Company anticipates that around 66% of its hash rate will be produced by the S19 XPs. These next-generation mining rigs offer impressive perks. They are about 30% more energy efficient than their predecessors.

This strategic move marks Marathon Digital’s commitment to sustainable crypto mining. By favoring energy-efficient miners, Marathon aims to optimize its hash rate while reducing its carbon footprint.

The shift towards greener miners like the S19 XPs can potentially reshape the narrative around the environmental impact of crypto mining. This is particularly significant as Marathon Digital is one of the industry’s major players. The company’s choice to prioritize energy efficiency might inspire other crypto miners to follow suit.

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