Not bad at all! BTC-mining can help the environment

  • 27 May, 2022 18:43
Not bad at all! BTC-mining can help the environment

Such an opinion was expressed by analyst Daniel Batten in his report about mining bitcoin by burning methane that related to oil production. Batten is sure that it is a good way for minimizing the carbon footprint and the threat of global warming by declining the pollution by 5.32%. In the report Batten said that decreasing methane pollution is the fastest variant.

Analyst is sure: mining will help to stop global warming till 2045 by 0.15% and it’s the best forecast because there are no more technologies with the same parameters. For now it is the only method to burn the related oil production method that can be realized economically and logistically without using loans or efforts of governments. Batten admitted that there will be no tax benefits and extra-budget expenses.

Batten said that mining will also be useful for the abandoned oil wells and many industrial fields will have less problems. He ensured that the way of mining he was talking about is better than the UNO program.

In addition Daniel Button reminds that he has an opposite opinion to the demands of ecologists to stop and take a strict control of PoW protocoles.

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