Mawson builds new facility in Pennsylvania

  • 24 February, 2023 18:26
Mawson builds new facility in Pennsylvania

Mawson Infrastructure Group Inc. has begun construction on a new facility in Sharon, Pennsylvania.

Six modular data centers with 3,528 units of equipment have been installed. The new facility will have a total capacity level of 120 mW, giving a maximum capacity of ten times as many miners: 35280 units. In its press release, the company notes that the facility is planned to have a capacity of 4.2 Eh/s.

The first 120 mW will be up and running as early as Q2. The company intends to split the site into two areas: Mawson Self Mining and Mawson Hosting.

The new data center will also be part of the Energy Markets project, which ensures the stability of the power system and additional profits from load reduction during peak periods.

In addition to Sharon, another site, in Midland, is being prepared for launch. Once they start operating, Mawson’s capacity will reach 220 mW, and the total number of asic miners will be 6,480. The planned capacity in this case will reach 7.8 Eh/s.

Mawson CEO Liam Wilson noted the importance of launching the facilities to realize the company’s plans and goals.

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