Harnessing Flare Gas: Iraq’s New Strategy for Bitcoin Mining

  • Sergey Maga
  • 17 April, 2024 21:10
Harnessing Flare Gas: Iraq’s New Strategy for Bitcoin Mining

In an innovative stride towards economic diversification, Iraq is poised to harness flare gas for bitcoin mining. During a recent press conference with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Mohammed Ali Tamima highlighted several initiatives to bolster the energy sector and broaden economic horizons. Key among these is the capture and conversion of flare gas—typically a wasted by-product of oil production—into electricity. This electricity would then be used for cryptocurrency mining, aligning with global environmental goals by reducing pollution, according to Happycoin.

The notion of using flare gas for bitcoin mining not only addresses environmental concerns but also proposes a dual benefit for Iraq: managing oil by-products efficiently and stepping into the lucrative realm of digital assets. Tamima, while not directly stating the government’s involvement in cryptocurrency mining, drew parallels with El Salvador’s successful incorporation of bitcoin into its economy. This move by El Salvador has significantly heightened its appeal to digital asset investors.

Crypto experts infer that Iraq’s reference to new technologies pertains specifically to cryptocurrency mining, marking a strategic pivot to embrace this modern financial frontier. Officially, bitcoin mining has been authorized in six countries including Russia, El Salvador, UAE, Oman, Ethiopia, and Bhutan, positioning Iraq on a path to join these nations in adopting advanced technological solutions to economic challenges.

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