Mining Execs Launch Nonprofit to Educate U.S. Crypto Voters

  • Sergey Maga
  • 17 June, 2024 00:02
Mining Execs Launch Nonprofit to Educate U.S. Crypto Voters

Executives from major U.S. cryptocurrency mining companies have launched a nonprofit organization to educate voters on Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Voter Project, described as nonpartisan, aims to inform voters about cryptocurrencies and support pro-digital asset lawmakers, according to Cointelegraph.

Jayson Browder, Marathon Digital Holdings’ SVP of government affairs, revealed that he and executives from Riot Platforms and CleanSpark formed the project’s board. Unlike political action committees (PACs), the 501(c)(4) organization cannot primarily support one candidate or party. The launch followed a meeting between Marathon, CleanSpark, TeraWulf, Riot representatives, and former President Donald Trump, who expressed strong support for U.S. Bitcoin mining.

Browder emphasized that the project has been long-planned and is intended to precede the 2024 presidential elections. The organization aims to engage and educate voters unfamiliar with Bitcoin, eventually supporting lawmakers and policies in Congress.

With $5 million allocated for research and voter education, the project aims to “[turn] these voters out to support candidates that support digital assets.” Unlike Coinbase’s Stand With Crypto PAC, the Bitcoin Voter Project currently does not endorse specific candidates or legislation. 

Despite single-issue crypto voters likely being a minority in the 2024 elections, the potential impact is significant. In key swing states, an issue influencing tens of thousands of voters could alter election outcomes. Representatives from the Chamber of Digital Commerce and the Texas Blockchain Council have expressed support for the Bitcoin Voter Project, which has already garnered hundreds of sign-ups.

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