Hut 8 Embarks on a Transformative Merger with US Bitcoin Corp

  • Sergey Maga
  • 18 September, 2023 17:35
Hut 8 Embarks on a Transformative Merger with US Bitcoin Corp

In a strategic maneuver, Hut 8 Mining Corp, a frontrunner in North America’s digital asset mining and high-performance computing sector, has initiated a significant business combination with US Data Mining Group, Inc., also known as US Bitcoin Corp (USBTC). This monumental transaction has secured the final order of approval from the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Consequently, this clearance paves the way for an all-stock merger, forming a U.S.-based entity named Hut 8 Corp, abbreviated as “New Hut”.

As part of the transition, the nascent corporation plans to make its shares available on the Nasdaq and the TSX under the ticker “HUT”. This initiative hinges on fulfilling several conditions, including the ascent of USBTC’s shareholders and the effective registration of USBTC’s statement. Once these prerequisites are met, the fourth quarter of 2023 will witness the completion of the transaction.

Moreover, the company is urging its registered shareholders to expedite the submission of a completed Letter of Transmittal to Computershare Investor Services Inc. This step is essential to secure their New Hut common stock shares post the transaction’s closure.

For more details regarding the monumental merger, stakeholders can refer to resources available on the official Hut 8 website and other platforms such as SEDAR+ and EDGAR. The available documents encompass a Letter of Transmittal with completion instructions and a management information circular dated August 11, 2023, offering an in-depth insight into the transaction.

With a rich portfolio spanning seven sites, it offers a plethora of services including cloud computing, managed services, and AI solutions, emanating from high-performance computing centers situated in British Columbia and Ontario. Additionally, the firm operates two Bitcoin mining sites strategically located in Southern Alberta. Notably, Hut 8 holds a commendable position globally for its extensive inventory of self-mined Bitcoin, a testament to its robust treasury strategy.

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