Foundry Launches Foundry Hardware Suite to Boost Mining Efficiency

  • Sergey Maga
  • 24 June, 2024 08:17
Foundry Launches Foundry Hardware Suite to Boost Mining Efficiency

Foundry Digital LLC, a leading player in digital asset infrastructure, has introduced Foundry Hardware, a new suite of products tailored for institutional cryptocurrency mining operations. This innovative product line aims to enhance operational performance, improve efficiency, and ensure long-term reliability in the mining industry.

Foundry Hardware addresses the need for robust mining equipment by leveraging traditional manufacturing expertise. MK Sathya, Senior Vice President of Mining Services at Foundry, highlighted the company’s commitment to innovation: “Our decision to enter the hardware market was driven by our desire to provide innovative products aimed at making miners’ lives easier through simpler maintenance while continuing to focus on improving mining efficiency and uptime reliability.”  according to Prnewswire.

The suite includes three key products:

1. Power Supply Unit (PSU): Designed with versatility, it supports multiple mining machine models and allows for underclocking and overclocking, ensuring miners remain operational even in extreme conditions.

2. Immersion Optimization Kit: This kit enhances efficiency and profitability by optimizing the orientation of miners and control boards in immersion systems.

3. Control Board: Real-time tuning optimizes miner performance across various machine models, eliminating firmware development fees and offering a cost-effective solution.

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