Arweave Mining Pools

# poa Pool Fee Hashrate Blocks
in last 100
Last Found
8.70 Mh/s 43 1107681
9 minutes
2 - 904.00 h/s - 1099786
1 week 4 days

Arweave (AR) is a decentralized network, and its purpose is to store data permanently. AR can be called a kind of blockchain tech, in which each block is connected to the previous block and the other earlier one. Arweave was founded in 2017.

The cryptocurrency of the Arweave network is AR. It was created to pay miners to store network data.

  • The number of coins of the Arweave network: 66 million AR.
  • Consensus algorithm: PoA (proof-of-access) – a converted version of PoW.
  • Market capitalization: $1.466.725.585.


Virdpool – one of the top AR pools. A pool designed exclusively for AR mining.

  • Pool commission: 5% PPLNS.
  • The payment threshold is 0.1 AR.
  • Payout time: every time pool finds a block.
  • Arweave mining pool capacity is 428.86 KH.

Hpool was founded in 2017. It is the world's largest mining pool for distributed storage projects. Hpool – is an AR mining pool, bitcoinHd (bhd), chia, mass, and burst (brs).

  • Pool Commissions: 4% PPLNS.
  • Pool capacity: 11.42 MH.

Which AR pool to choose? Today AR mining is available in two ones. Make a closer look at the pools, test both of them and give preference to one.

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