New investment product launched, dependent on crypto pharma

  • 21:58 Oct 10, 2022
New investment product launched, dependent on crypto pharma

A large mining organization based in the United States has launched a non-deliverable forward contract. The company in question is Luxor Technology. The cost of this investment product will depend on the dynamics of income from BTC farming.

This news was published on their information resource by the specialists of "The Block". According to the specialists of the company, Luxor Hashprice NDF remains the first, but not the last such product, which the organization will launch in 2023.

This software will duplicate the behavior of hashprice. In the language of the organization, it is the yield per hashrate over a measured period of time.

Contracts will be settled in bitcoins, U.S. dollars or stabelcoins. The terms will be negotiated individually.

The specialists of the company don't hide the fact that private organizations are interested in the product. Who want to get into the industry of virtual coin mining.

This is not the first product launched by Luxor Technology. It is known that in the first months of this year, the company gave the launch of software that allows you to engage in mining cryptocurrencies. You will find used devices there. As well as components and spare parts for asics and GPUs.

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