Miners paid to Kazakhstan budget

  • Elena Klimovich
  • 13:32 May 30, 2022
Miners paid to Kazakhstan budget

As we know, a lot of miners relocated to Kazakhstan from China after the crypto-regulation policy in 2021 and increased the activity in this field in the country. Raising the network load and electricity consumption made the government make a law and took fees for mining.

In 2022 the budget has been replenished for $1.5 millions already by the companies who work in the mining field in the country. The rate for such activity is $0.002 per 1 kWt/h. According to the increasing activity, the Committee of State Incomes detected all participants of such electricity consumption and found out that they were corporate users. At the same time there are no taxes for such operations because Kazakhstan still has no bills regulating crypto-field. Thus, all consumers pay only for the actual amount of electricity.

According to this, the regulation authorities are considering increasing the rate by 10 times. This order was given by the President of Kazakhstan.

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