New York stays without mining for two years

  • Elena Klimovich
  • 09:01 Jun 03, 2022
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New York stays without mining for two years

CoinDesk informed that the Senate of the state of New York approved the two years moratorium for mining based on electricity generated by carbon sources. It’s talking about the draft bill which provides for freezing the current level of mining emissions. Earlier the document was approved by the lower house of the State Legislature.

Existing companies and those which are in process of obtaining a license for mining cryptocurrency can continue working. The authorities are going to study the potential impact of PoW on the environment.

The democratic senator Kevin Parker admitted that today there is only one enterprise in the state that will not be under restrictions. He said that authorities are considering one more application but the decision could be postponed till the end of research. The document will come into force after signing by the head of state Katie Hawkul.

In February the candidate for governor of the state New York Juman Williams recalled the authorities to prohibit the mining using PoW algorithm.

Today the USA are leader in bitcoin hashrate (37.8%).

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