The USA has begun to study the impact of mining on the climate

  • 16:33 Aug 22, 2022
The USA has begun to study the impact of mining on the climate

Due to high pressure on the mining processes using PoW algorithm in the USA has begun to study how this on climatic and energetic spheres impact. To make this question clear, the House Committee on Trade and Energy sent the request to the large mining companies. In the list was Core Scientific, Marathon Digital, Riot and Stronghold.

The department pointed to the need to show what they exactly do to decline the environment and energetic field damage. Also the addressees will have to show that their work is equal to the global country’s goals in the climatic field.

The regulator admits his agreement that blockchain is a very promising technology and could be very useful in the future. But for its functioning a large maintenance is needed and its impact became the source of extra-wastes.

The cofounder of SatoshiActFund confirmed the information about receiving letters from mining companies. Also Dennis Porter admitted that the state is not involved enough in the problem of environment spoiling by traditional plants when the last one is harming people’s health.

Earlier republicans sent to EPA the letter where they asked to make the analysis of positive changes in mining and its ecological impact.

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