In Russia, miners started to buy up equipment actively

  • 16:03 Dec 01, 2022
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In Russia, miners started to buy up equipment actively

According to Kommersant, the fourth quarter saw an increased demand for cryptocurrency mining devices.

For example, the sales volume indicator for the two months of the fourth quarter of Chilkoot was more than the entire previous quarter. Legal entities increased the amount of equipment purchased in a single transaction by 30% compared to the beginning of the year.

Experts believe that such growth in demand is caused by a significant drop in the cost of asics. The market volume of cryptocurrency mining devices is estimated at 3-5 billion rubles. The increasing popularity of mining and acceptable, compared to many countries, cost of electricity also contributes to the growth of consumer interest.

The prices of video cards that used to be used for home mining of Ethereum, which became impossible after the transition to PoS, have also decreased. In this case, demand is helped, in part, by gamers.

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