Miner’s electricity consumption increasing in Russia

  • Elena Klimovich
  • 11:56 May 30, 2022
  • 805
Miner’s electricity consumption increasing in Russia

According to the latest data the share of miners in the whole electricity consumption is more than 2%. Vasili Shpak, the deputy of the Industry and Trading Ministry, announced the necessity of using regulation for this field. He admitted that mining consumes more electric power than agriculture.

It means that this activity must be declared as an industrial sector. Shpak proposed to make this field more clear for the state and at the same time to protect miners. He announced the position of the Ministry and explained that mining should be accepted, regulated and implemented in the industrial activity.

Last week the State Duma registered the draft bill “About mining in Russia”. The previous draft was recalled because of some changes. For example, the statements about the list of miners and “tax amnesty” for the participants of the list.

According to the statistics of Cambridge center of alternative finance in May Russia took the 5th place in the global BTC hashrate (4.7%). The leader is USA – 37.8%, at the 2nd place is China – 21.1%.

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