Ravencoin can be mined in the Binance Pool

  • Ultramining.com
  • 16:07 Nov 24, 2022
Ravencoin can be mined in the Binance Pool

According to the press service of Binance Pool, it was decided to add Ravencoin to the list of cryptocurrencies. The reason for this was the demand of miners, who after the change of the ETH algorithm began to look for new ways to earn money.

There is a 1% commission for mining RVN and using the PPS+ calculation method. Ravencoin, Beam, and Ethereum Classic were the main cryptocurrencies that market participants paid attention to after ETH switched to PoS. The capacity of the RVN network has grown by a factor of about five. The complexity of mining has also automatically increased, pushing miners with weak equipment and high electricity costs out of the market.

As a reminder, last month Binance Pool launched a fund to help miners struggling financially due to rising resource costs and falling coin prices. At the time of launch, the fund was worth $500 million.

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