Pennsylvania will mine bitcoin with nuclear power

  • Elena Klimovich
  • 19:00 Jan 27, 2023
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Pennsylvania will mine bitcoin with nuclear power

According to Cumulus Data, construction has been completed on the Cumulus Susquehanna facility, a data center for mining that will be powered by nuclear energy. Cumulus Data is owned by Talen Energy. 

It is reported that the capacity of the new site will reach 40 MW. This is made possible by having a direct connection to the Susquehanna nuclear power plant located in northeastern Pennsylvania. The data center will house both bitcoin mining and cloud computing equipment

The facility is part of the Nautilus Cryptomine complex, which will combine 18 data centers across the United States. The total capacity of all the data centers will be 470 MW, with nuclear power as the main source. Thus, the resulting crypto-assets will be carbon-free. 

Recall that previously bitcoins were mined in El Salvador using the energy of geothermal sources.

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