Limitations for Nvidia’s video cards

  • 11:26 May 31, 2022
Limitations for Nvidia’s video cards

Nvidia – the producer of video accelerators and special devices for mining – is questioning about the hashrate’s limitations for private cards. Announcing the quarterly report the company has admitted that the management is not able to predict the result of the strategy of limitations. For more than one year almost all video cards of Ampere generation have had protection against mining.

The Head of financial department Colete Kress said that the reduction of crypto hashrate by using the video cards for gaming shows that all these measures are successful.

Talking about the risks, in the report was admitted the high volatility of the crypto field and the threat of market decline. In this case the demand for Nvidia products would reduce too and after these video cards that were used would be offered. Finally it would destroy the demand and make the company cut the production.

One month ago NiceHash announced that developers were able to avoid all restrictions put by Nvidia and use gaming video cards for ETH mining.

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