The White House will cut the mining expenses

  • 12:19 Jun 06, 2022
The White House will cut the mining expenses

According to the Chief Assistant of the Head of Energy of Scientist and Technical department Kosta Samaras the White House is developing regulations for declining the electricity consumption for mining.

After Biden's Presidential decree was published in March and demanded “responsible” crypto-mining, the Ethic Team of the White House is going to publish a report about energy resources.

Samaras said that it is very important for mining to become a part of the financial system and provide the correct development minimizing the emissions. He admitted that digital assets can be considered as a part of discussion about climate and energy.

Kosta Samaras ensured that the data collection will be absolutely unbiased and will find the information from the local noise pollution to the effectiveness of different algorithms.

The White House has done the first step to develop the law base for crypto field regulation. It is the start of the general policy that includes consumer, investors, enterprise protection, maintaining stability of the global financial system and declining risks for national security.

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