The number of cybercrimes related to hidden mining has increased

Elena Klimovich

17:34 28/07/2022

The number of cybercrimes related to hidden mining has increased

According to the experts’ opinion, the quantity of attacks on financial companies rose and tripled in comparison to the last year. The main hackers’ goal is a hidden mining organization.

SonicWall, specialized on the cybersecurity, shared the data of last explorance and admitted that criminals broke the computer systems of banks and other organizations to make cryptojerking.

Retail is also popular but not so as corporate. Experts are sure that the reason for such a tendency is transferring of all apps for work to cloud platforms. It gives the hackers the opportunity to widen the spoiled programs not only by servers but also to other devices connected to the system.

Analysts make a conclusion that the popularity of crytojerking is based on the rise of struggling against ransomware programs that made the frauders’ work more difficult.

Chinalysis informed that receiving from the victims about $600 millions by such programs made the authorities of many countries to join to the struggle. That's why hackers had to find another way to earn money and one of the decisions became hidden mining.

The main advantage there is that the victim can not suspect that the crime is going on. And this increases the efficiency of fraud activity.

Despite the declining numbers of cryptojercing cases in II quarter, according to SonicWall's data, it is not the reason for rejoicing in the victory because it is the season pattern.

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