The era is gone: mining on video cards has ended

  • 19:32 Sep 19, 2022
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The era is gone: mining on video cards has ended

The transition to a new algorithm has made cryptocurrency mining with video cards impossible. Even though the first pool started to work in 2009 and then a lot more powerful devices than video cards appeared, this method did not lose popularity due to universal accessibility.

The considerable popularity of mining reminds many of the "gold rushes." However, the key beneficiaries were not the miners but the companies that sold the video cards.

During the last two years, the attention of miners was paid to ETH, and the interest did not fade even against regular announcements of migration to PoS. Most likely, not everyone believed that it would happen, and such suspicions were based on the postponements. Nevertheless, the transition occurred, and the mining facilities were forced to switch to other coins.

The process was no longer profitable amid the increasing difficulty of mining cryptocurrencies and the cost of electricity. No one in the cryptocurrency industry is willing to predict whether video card mining will revive again. Opponents of the PoW algorithm hope this will not happen, arguing that it is excessive energy consumption.

For those who plan to buy a video card, experts recommend turning to the secondary market because there, you can find offers that will be more favorable than the stores.

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