Bitmain has a new asiс Antminer S19j Pro+

  • 12:04 Dec 26, 2022
Bitmain has a new asiс Antminer S19j Pro+

New equipment from the Chinese manufacturer Bitmain will be available for purchase. We are talking about the device Antminer S19j Pro+. The equipment is designed for bitcoin mining. If you compare this equipment with its predecessor (S19j Pro), the new item has increased performance by ten percent.

The main characteristics of the new asic: 

  • hash rate: 122TH/s;
  • power consumption: 3355W;
  • energy efficiency: 27.5 J/T;
  • Approximate yield: $223.02 per month.

You have the opportunity, thanks to a special power port (220-227V), to use the device in data centers around the world. 

By the way

The equipment is considered a representative of the latest generation of asics. The mining algorithm is SHA-256, which allows you to mine BTC. Excellent energy efficiency at 25°C: 29.5 ± 5% Joules per Terrachash. 

The APW 12 power supply achieves a productive level of stable asic operation. And thanks to the updated firmware, the device will start up faster and get to work. BTC mining is improved thanks to intelligent control mechanisms.

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