Now you can invest in bitcoin miners

  • 14:01 Oct 07, 2022
Now you can invest in bitcoin miners

Grayscale Investments, a digital asset company, will allow investment in devices that are designed to mine virtual coins. It is believed that this will help support mining during the crypto-zima.

The investment fund will be overseen by the company's specialists, who have merged into a controlling segment, Grayscale Digital Infrastructure Opportunities (GDIO).

Grayscale Investments has taken on this idea with another organization. The company in question is Foundry. By the way, these firms are subsidiaries, which operate under the auspices of Digital Currency Group.

The essence of the project is that analysts Grayscale predicts a decrease in the price of bitcoin mining devices. This is associated with a bear cycle in the cryptocurrency industry.

Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenschein said in an interview that the team wants to lower the barrier for investing in the virtual coin industry.

If you're already contemplating investing your finances into Grayscale Digital Infrastructure Opportunities, it's important to consider some limitations. At the moment (GDIO) is only available to individual and accredited investors.

The company, which developed the initiative, proposes to distribute finances on a quarterly basis.

It does not specify what kind of returns are projected. Eventually - in a few years - Grayscale Investments could propose winding down the initiative with the possible sale of all the equipment. That would depend on changes in the crypto market,

By the way, cryptozyme may end by the end of next year. This forecast was provided by Grayscale Investments specialists.

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