What is the new method of BTC-mining?

  • Elena Klimovich
  • 13:57 May 25, 2022
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What is the new method of BTC-mining?

Quantum Blockchain Technologies, the British company which spent more than one year finding a new algorithm that can help to increase effectiveness of equipment using.

 At the beginning it was an experiment on their own platform and a common algorithm SHA-256. All data which describe the process of digital gold mining were collected in “live” mode by the company's specialists. After that all information was analyzed by machine princesses and Big Data methods.

As a result of this work two directions were created called method “A” and method “B”. According to the specialists opinion method “A” allowed the efficiency of the equipment to make the work faster and consumption of the electricity lower in comparison to the previous methods.

The implementation of method “B” helped to get set parameters after some improvements of chip ASIC. For today that is all information that Quantum Blockchain Technologies gave.

By the way, the company said that it’s going to take patents for all methods and improve the velocity and effectiveness of crypto-mining in the future. All documents will be obtained in the short period.

Approximately one month ago the head of the MicroStrategy Michael Saylor criticized the government of state New-York for the two-year prohibition of founding crypto-farms.

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