Calculations and tips for BTC-farm founding

  • 13:02 May 23, 2022
Calculations and tips for BTC-farm founding

Despite all the commotions of the crypto markets the interest in mining increased. Even the industrial mining level wasn’t able to decline the private participant’s activity. Dmitry Kudinov (EMCD) gave some advice about founding your own crypto-farm.

For the first it’s important to provide all calculations and find out whether the work is profitable or not. There are some special services which can help you but they give actual data for 24 hours only. That's why the expert advice is to make different variants.

 The main indicators are:

  • currency rate, process’ difficulty;
  • the cost of electricity, capacity level.

The formula you need looks like:

N = (t*R*H)/(D*2^32)

N – profit;

t – mining duration;

R – profit per 1 block;

H – hashrate per 1 second;

D – difficulty level.

In the case you see that the process will be profitable it’s time to buy the equipment. According to exper’s recommendations the best decision is to choose devices which are able to bring an income while the rate of token is declining. The most popular ways sre:

  1. To connect the producer directly. In this case the equipment will be new but the price will be high and the process can take a long time
  2. To find something at the secondary market
  3. To ask the broker for help

It is very important to find an appropriate place. The main demands here are enough space and good ventilation. In addition, it's important to provide access to the power grid which can maintain the high level of work.

Don’t forget about the security and hiring of specialists who can ensure all processes. Dmitry Kudinov reminded that ASIC-miners work only at full capacity that's why any voltage drop is dangerous for them. According to this, don’t forget to use good stabilizators.

 In addition you shouldn’t forget the cleansing and replacement of the details when it will be necessary. Only specialists can do this in the right way.

About the profit the expert said that professional miners reinvest in the beginning in new equipment for making the work more profitable.

Notification! The article is only for the information and has no call to action. All decisions about investments and making your own BTC-farm are making by yourself only.

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