The complexity of BTC-mining has decreased significantly again

  • 12:27 Sep 29, 2022
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The complexity of BTC-mining has decreased significantly again

The average hashrate is at 224.41 EH/s. It is the first time in two months.

For preventing sudden changes in the difficulty level, there are some rules: the maximum change at +300% and the minimum at -75%. Also, every two weeks there is an automatic correction, which helps to keep the time interval of the new block production at 10 minutes. After adding to the network processing power, the complexity increases. The opposite is also true.

Thus, the BTC network uses a decentralized source code programmed by Satoshi Nakamoto that has no single center of control. For the speed of finding new blocks to be constant, changes are based on the number of miners in the network. A special algorithm makes it.

Note that this is the fourth decrease in complexity in a row, but this has happened earlier. For example, last year after increased pressure from the Chinese authorities, miners started relocating, disabling the equipment.

Now experts make different assumptions about the reasons for the difficulty level drop. For example, in June, the reason could be a sharp collapse in the price of BTC. In July, miners switched off the equipment after increasing the cost of energy.

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