The complexity of BTC mining has increased agai

  • 11:19 Oct 24, 2022
The complexity of BTC mining has increased agai

The complexity of bitcoin mining has increased again. At this time on 3.4%. Compared to the jump of 13% at the beginning of October, when the historical maximum occurred, the value is not so high.

As a reminder, after finding the 2016 blocks, there is an automatic correction of the difficulty level. On average, it turns out that the periodicity is 14 days. The main task is to maintain the speed of processing operations, even if the hashing rate varies up and down.

In the current month, the maximum hashing speed was achieved, which was 266 EH/s. According to preliminary estimates, despite the fall in the value of BTC and the rise in energy prices, miners managed to generate revenue of $420 million in October.

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