BTC mining complexity shows new highs


18:14 14/09/2022

BTC mining complexity shows new highs

The first cryptocurrency became more difficult to mine: the complexity of the bitcoin network increased by 3.45%. At the moment, there is a record high of 32.05 trillion. We see the second case of significant growth, as about two weeks ago, there was an increase of 9.26%.

The hash rate of digital gold reached 227.07 EH/s. It happens despite the fall in value and increased complexity. As for the pools, their ranking is as follows:

  • Foundry
  • F2pool
  • Binance pool
  • Antpool
  • ViaBTC

Miners detected 149 blocks in the last 24 hours. Most of them (40) was found by Foundry and 23 - by F2pool. The future change in the difficulty level will happen on September 27 of this year. Now the time per block is about 9 minutes.

Recall that at the beginning of the summer, there was a significant decrease in the difficulty level. The reason was hardware unplugging, according to the requirements associated with the need to save energy.

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