Shell to unveil mining optimization project

  • 15:06 Nov 11, 2022
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Shell to unveil mining optimization project

It became known about the partnership between Bitcoin Magazine and Shell, one of the largest in its industry. Shell is ready to sponsor conferences on BTC for two years.

Shell produces lubricants that can significantly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere during cryptocurrency mining. In this regard, Shell representatives are ready to tell about how BTC mining can be optimized.

According to Darin Gonzalez, a representative of Shell:

S5 X coolant can be used to reduce electricity consumption and CO2 emissions.

Shell entered the mining industry in 2021 when the first coolants for asics began to be sold. According to the head of Bitcoin Magazine, such a partnership would benefit the mining industry. The first conference sponsored by Shell will be in Miami in May 2023.

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