SBI Holdings leaving Russia

  • Elena Klimovich
  • 16:45 Aug 22, 2022
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SBI Holdings leaving Russia

According to the information published by Bloomberg, the company will stop mining in Russia.

The SBI Holdings representor gave a comment admitting that the main reason for such a decision is absence of clear prospects for mining in the country. In the first turn this is connected with the sanctions and the whole geopolitical crisis that appeared to Russia. For now the date for finishing work is not established because for the first the company has to sell the hardware.

SBI Crypto mines Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash и Bitcoin SV. Its activity beyond Japan it began in 2017. Свою деятельность вне Японии компания начала в 2017 году.

Analytics from Intelion Data Systems has another opinion. They suppose that prospects for mining in Russia are positive due to low prices for energy and developed energetic infrastructure.

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