Russian regulators considering mining draft bill

  • 14:55 Sep 08, 2022
Russian regulators considering mining draft bill

Ministry of Finance, Central Bank, and Duma initiated to regulate mining activity in a short-time period. It is scheduled that within one month a corresponding bill will be approved. The key will be a statement that mining is a business activity. Regulators announced that they are going to fasten the process of its legalization.

The number of tax deductions will be set for individuals and legal entities. Huge energetic plants have been asking for a long time to apply personal rates for miners.

Moreover, regulators are going to license such activity. The law will be reviewed after tabling. Anatoly Aksakov is sure that the process of cryptocurrency legalization has started already. The authorities are not going to make hasty decisions. The main goal is to reach maximal control without extra pressure on this sphere. One more important condition is the total identity of all participants: individuals and companies.

Vladimir Gutenev supposed that cryptocurrencies could help to avoid sanctions because US and Europe regulators don’t control this economic sphere.

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