Riot reported on the BTC sold last month

  • Elena Klimovich
  • 19:00 Feb 07, 2023
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Riot reported on the BTC sold last month

During the last month, BTC-miner sold 700 bitcoins, the equivalent of $13.7 million, the company told in another press release.

A total of 740 coins were mined in January. By comparison, in January 2022, the company received 62% less - 458 bitcoins. As of the 31st, Riot had 6,978 BTC on its balance sheet, all of which were mined independently. The BTC miner also had 82,656 pieces of equipment at its disposal, with a hash rate of 9.3 Eh/s.

At the moment, due to a snowstorm in Texas that hit in December, 17040 units that were damaged at the time are disabled. The capacity of the out-of-service asic is 2.5 Eh/s. Nevertheless, the company's management has a rather optimistic view of the future:

We are achieving record numbers despite the equipment suspension. Repair work is underway at the affected facility and this could probably prevent us from reaching our 12.5 Eh/s goal in Q1.

Earlier, Riot received an additional 5,130 S19 units.

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