Five countries control 30% of BTC nodes

  • 13:00 Oct 25, 2022
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Five countries control 30% of BTC nodes

Finbold obtained such results by conducting wide research. It turned out that 30.3% of the world's BTC nodes are in the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Canada. The U.S. has the leading place – 13.2%.

There are some nodes in China, despite strict regulation by local authorities. Nevertheless, the ban on mining has affected the number. If in June this year number of bitcoin nodes was 94, in October, it was already 65.

Analysts note the volatility of the position of the authorities of China concerning the sphere of cryptocurrencies. So, if earlier it was a complete ban on non-state assets, now retail investors are allowed to continue working.

According to analyst Scott Rendler:

Bitcoin could go into a bullish trend in a really steady position. The quotation level is at the bottom, so the next step may well be the activation of institutional investors.

Earlier, Scott Rendler did not rule out that the value of BTC may fall to $10,000. In his opinion, this will happen if the price will base on $17,000. However, buying activity has helped coin to hold at a higher mark.

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