Last month was a record for Marathon

  • 13:06 Nov 03, 2022
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Last month was a record for Marathon

The company reported a record 84% increase in hashrate in October, reaching 7 EH/s (the previous figure was 3.8 EH/s).

According to the company's CEO, Fred Thiel:

Marathon achieved high productivity in October both in terms of hashrate growth and BTC mining. Approximately 32,000 miners were engaged, which led to such significant successes. As a result of the increased capacity, a record was set: 615 BTC were obtained in one month. The company expects the implementation of the new S19 XP and the introduction of new space will allow for 23 EH/s at the end of 2023.

Overall, Marathon Digital's result is also up compared to last year. During the same period, 27% more bitcoins were mined. Thus, the number of coins on the company's balance reached 11285 BTC.

Also, representatives of the miner noted that after all the new equipment is installed, 66% of the hashrate will generate S19 XP, which gives 30% efficiency compared to the previous generation models. As a result, all Marathon operations will be world leaders in energy efficiency.

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