Sellers of computer accessories note price decrease

  • 23:21 Nov 29, 2022
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Sellers of computer accessories note price decrease

According to Kommersant, major retailers noted a sharp drop in prices of computer accessories due to the situation in the crypto market and the change in the Ethereum algorithm.

In November, the cost of video cards fell by 40-60%. First of all, this is because of the mining of ether, which was the most popular coin of "home miners". Also, memory chips and motherboards became cheaper.

Now mining on video cards has become impossible, at least in the amounts observed before. The demand for components plummeted rapidly. As a result, the warehouses of retailers were overstocked. The difficulties are partly helped by gamers who began to actively buy video cards at discounted prices.

The peak values of the crypto market led to a 14-fold increase in demand last year. Now the situation has changed, but it is not only "home miners" who are experiencing difficulties. In general, the cryptocurrency mining sector is experiencing a crisis, with even large miners going bankrupt as a result. The falling value of BTC calls into question the profitability of cryptocurrency mining. Now some experts say that miners are shutting down their equipment. The growing complexity of BTC mining and the energy crisis threatens the whole industry. As a result, crypto-winter is affecting "home" and industrial mining.

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