The adoption of a law on mining in Russia is postponed until next year

  • 15:23 Dec 22, 2022
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The adoption of a law on mining in Russia is postponed until next year

Despite confidence in the speedy adoption of the bill, the resolution of the issue has been postponed until 2023. 

According to the latest data, the document should be sent to the lower house for further consideration this week, but on December 20 deputies were unable to agree. Anatoly Aksakov notes that the issue will be returned to in January, but the deadline by which the draft law may come into force has not been disclosed. What is known is that discussions are in progress with the relevant agencies and market participants. 

A whole range of reasons was named as grounds for the postponement. In particular, there is still strong resistance from the Central Bank, which initially opposed the mining process. Now the regulator does not oppose the introduction of norms and rules for cryptocurrency mining. Also, the attitude to the circulation of cryptocurrencies within the country has become softer: the Central Bank allows it as part of the experimental regime. 

 In turn, the participants of the crypto-sphere expressed their opinion about the importance of finalizing the restrictions on advertising activities. It caused the need to send the document for revision by the regulator. 

Thus, it cannot be ruled out that the deadline for the adoption of the law will be shifted again from January 2023. 


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