Ethereum PoW mining pool appeared

  • 18:04 Sep 28, 2022
Ethereum PoW mining pool appeared

Now it will start functioning on Binance. The service has taken up patronage of ETHW. And the token of the new blockchain will be able to be in your cryptocurrency wallet. It is known that so far the admission procedure concerning this virtual coin has not been carried out. When will there be an official listing? It is also not known yet.

Service has already provided all the necessary instructions for mining ETHW. This action is available in Binance Pool.

What is ETHW?

This blockchain became operational on September 15 of this year. This is due to the transition of ETH to a new algorithm. We have already talked about it. You can find details at

For now you will not be able to deposit funds in these tokens. Due to the fact that the service does not support such a function. All accumulated assets will end up in a virtual Funding Wallet.

At the moment, you can get stabelcoins for ETHW. We are talking about BUSD or USDT. This result of the ether hardforward was also supported by other popular pools.

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