Bitcoin mining difficulty updated

  • 13:59 Jan 03, 2023
Bitcoin mining difficulty updated

Thanks to another recalculation of this value, it turned out that the difficulty of mining BTC has decreased by more than three percent. This figure is lower than the figures recorded since last October.

The complexity of mining Bitcoin has fallen by 3.59% to 34.09T. And on September 28, this value was equal to the number - 31.36T. And in November last year was beaten a historical maximum. Then the difficulty of mining BTC jumped to 36.95 T.

This indicator is one of the most important if we talk about the process of obtaining virtual coins. As it allows calculating the amount of power required to mine the crypto. 

The complexity of virtual coin mining is constantly changing. The indicators change their value every 2016 blocks. This is about once every two weeks.

Another important metric that affects the BTC network is the hash rate (the processing power of your mining devices). The figure for bitcoin as of January 3, 2023 is 262 exache per second (Eh/s).

Now this indicator is stable. Recall that due to severe weather conditions in the United States of America and a temporary shutdown of mining equipment in that country, the hash rate dropped to 170 Eh/s.

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