Looking for the cheap electricity miners have to move

  • 18:10 Jul 11, 2022
Looking for the cheap electricity miners have to move

In the USA began the relocation of miners who want to decline the cost of mined cryptocurrency. The reason for this is rising prices of electricity. In addition to this miners are eager to save the investments they made in the equipment.

The USA authorities informed us that the cost for electric power will increase by 5%. But the level of increase depends on the state you work in. In the whole the variety is between 2.4% and 16.4%. Chris Vega, YouTube blogger, known as SerpentX Tech, calls this “internal miners migration” and said that it is normal during the bearish trend.

Any case the movement to another state is not only one way to save the investments. He told that there is a huge prospect to use renewable energy sources and get the benefits from the state.

What about the sell out of the machinery, Chris Vega is sure that it is the last variant and the miners will do everything to survive cryptowinter without this action. He is sure that only newcomers are going to take part in sales because they came into the market at the peak level and don’t have experience of how to work in such conditions.

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