Why is workplace mining a bad idea?

  • Elena Klimovich
  • 14:59 Jun 06, 2022
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Why is workplace mining a bad idea?

From the first bitcoin transaction onwards, especially when BTC started to rise, people wanted more tokens. If you can't buy them on the stock, you can mine them. But the second way is not free, because mining requires a lot of electricity, which is very expensive in some regions.

Some employees have chosen to use the power of the businesses they work at to get tokens at no cost. Workplace mining comes in many varieties:

  • Using a PC (one or more)
  • Using a company's server
  • Using own equipment brought from home

According to a report by Kaspersky Lab, one in 10 employees would like to mine at their workplace.

The main reason this is a bad idea is that such a process is usually illegal and requires punishment because you are stealing power from your company. There are some articles in the Criminal and Labor Codes that can be applied to a person who engages in workplace mining.

The articles that can be used in this case in Russia are:

  1. 192 and 238 (Labor Code).
  2. 165, 274, 286 (Criminal Code)

It is erroneous to believe that it is difficult to detect illegal mining. There are some signs by which it can be detected:

  • Mining slows down the performance of all devices
  • The worker has more money, but less interest in the job
  • Electricity bills have increased enormously

 Even if you are very careful, the company will find out sooner or later that someone is mining illegally. Some employers don't want to deal with the criminal code and use internal penalties. In any case, the reputation of the person will be ruined and then there is a big chance of losing your job. Mining and other activities must be legal, then they will be useful.

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