Repainted video cards used for mining are sold as new ones

  • Elena Klimovich
  • 17:00 Jan 27, 2023
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Repainted video cards used for mining are sold as new ones

There are increasing cases of selling old video cards used for mining. Unscrupulous miners repaint cards to sell them to gamers at various online venues. VideoCardz reports that this conclusion was reached by Iskander Souza (YouTube blogger) and Paulo Gomez (IT-sphere employee).

The chips are repainted so that the yellow color, which appears with prolonged exposure to high temperatures, is not visible. The attackers also paint the chip itself to make it look like new. Moreover, Souza and Gomez recommend disregarding even the presence of a formalized warranty, which is also counterfeited.

After Ethereum switched to the new algorithm, the market was filled with video cards that used to be used to mine ether at home. A huge number of GPUs lost their value to miners and collapsed their value. The prices of RAM boards also fell. The decrease was about 20%. Nevertheless, hard drives increased significantly in price due to sanctions and the departure of several companies.

Even though there are still coins, which are available for mining with GPUs, miners are still trying to get rid of unnecessary equipment, reducing the price level in the market.

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