Mining pool founder about the way to the success

  • Elena Klimovich
  • 13:39 May 27, 2022
Mining pool founder about the way to the success

ViaBTC mining pool founder Haipo Jan opened in the interview the main keys to the success which allowed the company to work profitably even during the difficult times.

The main reason for the high profit and low payments is the stability of the block’s mining. BTC is a distributed network and time for transfer and translation is needed. If two mining pools arrive at the same time we’ll get the “rejected block” and it means that work of getting such a block would be ineffectively and without reward.

In ViaBTC they can optimize all translation processes by distributed high-speed net. According to this, miners can find and translate new blocks faster, getting more profit. In addition to this, the stability of ViaBTC has no doubt because there were no technical bugs since the first minute of the work.

Haipo Jan proudly said that his mining pool offers different variants of payments and share fees between all users allowing miners to have more income. He is sure that stability is the main reason for success in the field because all participants can appreciate it even more than additional extra-payments. Speaking about miner’s preferences ViaBTC founder itemized the most important:

  • stability
  • effectiveness
  • high speed of synchronization
  • low level of “rejected” blocks

High clearance of all transactions and using loans and hedge-tools can protect users even in conditions of extra-volatility.

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