Dogecoin founder wish crypto industry to die

  • 16:53 May 31, 2022
Dogecoin founder wish crypto industry to die

Such a strange announcement by Jackson Palmer has the reason that Dogecoin founder can’t help watching “making money from the air”. He is sure that this is very dangerous and will bring pooress for cryptocurrency admires despite the situation improving in recent days.

According to Palmer's opinion NFT, DAO, ICO, IGO are just the latest kind of fraud. He confessed that was sure the crypto market would die faster but surprisingly it’s still alive “thanking” to stubborn investors who have enough money and are interested in tokens.

According to the Decrypt, Palmer does not believe in “cryptowinter” soon because he is seeing a lot of promoters who are waiting for a new portion of goofy participants of this performance.

But in general he is sure that collapse is coming and we’ll face something much more dangerous than a declining market. Probably, the Dogecoin founder is right and knows more than we know. But at the same time his statements could be just a result of lost profit.

It is not a recommendation. Everyone makes their own decisions about mining or trading.

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