There will be more restrictions for miners in Canada

  • 11:21 Nov 30, 2022
There will be more restrictions for miners in Canada

Restrictions have been introduced in another province of Canada. The reason is the threat of load on the network during the winter.

We are talking about Manitoba, where a temporary ban on the connection to the hydroelectric network of new mining enterprises has been set. According to Global News, such restrictions will be in place for 18 months, but will only affect new miners. Those who have already started operations will not be affected by the ban. As the reason for this decision, the authorities cite the prospect of high demand and the lack of mining performance in the current environment.

Cryptocurrency mining is a popular business in Canada. Quebec leads the industry, while Manitoba is in second place because of affordable energy rates. The authorities said they have been approached by 17 new mining businesses that need more than 370 mW of capacity. However, in addition to the poor performance of mining in the current environment, these companies cannot provide significant job growth. It also calls into question the need for cooperation.

Earlier, Hydro-Quebec, which supplies electricity, asked the Quebec authorities to limit the amount of electricity for miners.

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