Mining equipment keeps getting cheaper

  • 16:34 Nov 25, 2022
Mining equipment keeps getting cheaper

Even though the difference in cost compared to last year's peak period is huge, the equipment continues to lose in price. It happens almost every month.

Since the beginning of November, asics below 38 J/Th have fallen 3% in price and cost about $20.01 per Th. Miners with 38 J/Th to 68 J/Th will have to pay about $13 per Th. Prices are down 5.8% from October.

Against the backdrop of prices during the peak period, the drop in value reached 80%. The equipment is losing in price at the beginning of 2022. Experts are comparing price levels to the 2020 period.

This all happens in conjunction with the fact that the index of BTC mining difficulty has reached a historical maximum. Also, the market is actively buying and selling equipment. And many companies see the drop in prices as an opportunity to increase the number of devices at an attractive price.

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