Nvidia is leaving Russia


11:52 Oct 05, 2022

Nvidia is leaving Russia

The company's office will be closed in Moscow in October. Such a decision is based on the lack of possibility to continue profitable work.

At last year's end, the company had 300 people working in its Russian office. For now, the number declined by 240, most of them engineers.

In the summer, companies from Russia lost the opportunity to renew licenses for cloud gaming software. In the media began to appear the information would complicate the work of Yandex, Sber, and MTS.

According to the results of the second quarter, Nvidia accounted for about 79% of the market, and almost all of the rest belonged to AMD. 1% belongs to Intel. But its hardware is often criticized by users.

Employees from the Russian office will be given a choice in the form of dismissal or relocation. Now there is no list of countries where it will be possible to move.

Recall that before Nvidia, relocation issues were handled by Huawei and Google. Intel, which wanted to take engineers out of the country, could not implement the plan.

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